Air France airplane on runway, collaboration icon, and person in wheelchair sitting at table with tablet and paperwork, people standing nearby at whiteboard

The Wayfinding Centre solutions are dedicated to a new approach whereby the accessibility of transport in Ireland is improved through joined up, cross sector thinking and implementation of best practice design and training.

The centre is, by design, an agile ecosystem purpose-built to facilitate human-centred research and a testbed for inclusive design across new modes and systems.

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Partnership & Collaboration

The Wayfinding Centre’s foundations are built on partnership and collaboration. We are collaborating to reduce the accessibility gap through alliances with cutting-edge technology providers, world-leading research institutes, industry, the start-up community, engaged access citizens and forward-thinking local authorities.

group of people getting a demonstration froma wheelchair user on how to transfer to an airplane wheelchair

Develop & Experience

We offer a replica environment of multiple transport journeys to empower persons with an access need, disability or reduced mobility to explore freely and experience a variety of travel scenarios and transport modes in a safe, controlled learning space. Individuals acquire travel and mobility skills, familiarise with module layouts and infrastructure to ensure success when transferring skills to more complex real-world conditions. This will ultimately enable more people to confidently and safely access the community in whatever way they choose.

Hands on a tactile map of the Wayfinding Centre

Insights & Co-Design

At the heart of the Wayfinding Centre is the idea of collaboration. Bringing together academia, government, industry and people with disabilities, to work together to identify challenges across transportation and mobility. A research and development testbed draws on the expertise of a range of stakeholders who have a role to play in shaping how and where we move.