Develop & Experience

a man walking towards a luas carriage using his white cane

Mobility & Transport Skills Training

We provide a range of familiarisation programmes for people with disabilities to increase confidence across journeys and reduce barriers to travel. Experience a realistic streetscape and multimodal transport. Be supported with journey planning and wayfinding needs. Practice on-boarding and alighting without the time pressures and crowds that exist in the real world.


We offer a variety of training opportunities for transport staff, built environment professionals, designers, mobility professionals, students and the community to develop skillsets in designing and creating more inclusive environments and transport journeys for everyone.

People sitting around a desk, working together

CPD Opportunities

Undertake a range of CPD opportunities which ensure you have the accessibility tools and inclusive design skillset needed to perform in your role.

Pencil drawn image of multi ethnic community , some in wheelchairs. Colouring pencils lined at bottom of picture.

Inclusive Design Consultancy

Work with our team of accessibility and inclusive design experts to ensure your projects have a design for all approach and consider the broadest range of user needs.

man in a wheelchair entering a bus using a ramp

Accessibility and Disability Equality Awareness Training

Undertake practical and comprehensive pan disability awareness training in our unique facility which combines all elements of a journey. Our team of accessibility experts and access ambassadors work in tandem to ensure you have a thorough understanding of how to create inclusive transport and mobility experiences for everyone.