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About The Wayfinding Centre

The Wayfinding Centre’s vision is to be a global leader in providing innovative and sustainable solutions for transport and mobility challenges experienced by people with a disability. It is a collaborative space where people with a disability, transport staff, built environment professionals, designers, academics and policy makers come together to accelerate an inclusive mobility agenda.

Our Goal

The Wayfinding Centre aims to provide the dignity of inclusion and independent mobility through innovation. Our values are brought to life by fostering a culture of creativity and initiatives to ensure growth.

We embed access through a model of co-design and co-creation, placing people with a disability who face daily barriers to accessing transport at the heart of its work.

Our 5 Pillars

  • Inclusive Transport – Training and collaboration with transport professionals
  • Confidence Building – Familiarisation on transport for people with disabilities
  • Tertiary Integration – Embedding inclusive transport in education curricula
  • Professional Development –  CPD for built environment professionals
  • Accessibility Benchmark – Establishing a national benchmark for accessibility

The Wayfinding Centre Launch

This world leading centre was launched on the 31st January 2024.


The Wayfinding Centre is committed to:

Working collaboratively to ensure that existing and future modes of transport are accessible to all.

Being solution focussed, utilising expertise from disciplines across diverse sectors to create and test more effective, efficient solutions.

Building a community of stakeholders in an environment conducive to sharing collective knowledge and innovative ideas.

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