Insights & Co-Design



Hands on a tactile map of the Wayfinding Centre


We engage with a range of multi-disciplinary researchers from Irelands top colleges to inform inclusive transport & mobility practice and policy.  We facilitate new research, innovation and encourage current best practice to achieve ground-breaking accessibility solutions across the urban realm.


Research Areas include:

  • Access, inclusion and equity across Irelands transportation networks
  • Active travel
  • Future & Intelligent mobility
Man in dark glasses sitting on a bench with a guide dog sitting in front of him

User Testing

People with disabilities will be able to register their interest in taking part in user testing to inform the inclusive design of products and services across transportation and mobility. A list of forthcoming events will be available once the centre opens. Watch this space.

Man standing and woman in wheelchair, working together at a flipchart

Pilot Projects

The centre will host a range of pilot projects aimed at solving some of transportations biggest challenges before scaling across the network, ultimately avoiding costly retrofitting. Have a specific project in mind? Get in touch to discuss your needs and learn how to ensure the project is delivered with accessibility in mind.

People sitting at desk with tablets and paperwork. One man is in a wheelchair

Co-Design Workshops

We understand that by genuinely engaging with people who have disabilities we can support businesses and industry to become fully accessible, enabling all citizens to participate and thrive. To do this we will host co-design workshops, contributing towards inclusive changes and also redefining the way accessibility is thought about and discussed.