Partnership & Collaboration

Man standing in office, holding long cane and paperwork . 2 people sitting, one is in wheelchair

Transport Accessibility Panel

The Wayfinding Centre engages with the community through it’s Transport Accessibility Panel. Register at Transport Accessibility Panel Application to receive more information on how you can contribute towards improving the accessibility of transport and mobility for everyone.

group of young people sit at a table, one is in a wheelchair


We maintain links with a variety of second and third level educational partners. Providing opportunities for student placements and development of accessibility curriculum with an emphasis on a learning by doing approach. We collaborate with primary level educational partners to ensure our youngest generation has disability awareness training and access to road safety education.

Hands holding cogs, working together


The Wayfinding Centre has forged close links with industry to facilitate a variety of activities in the centre including site visits, expert guest lectures and professionally accredited training.

Computer screen sitting on desk, showing road map with location pins

Transport Operators

We understand the importance of integrated universally designed public transport services that include the built environment, information and communication technologies. To this end we deliver practical pan-disability awareness training to staff and provide expert accessibility advice to ensure operators have the knowhow to deliver accessible transport journeys for all passengers.

Man with a prosthetic leg walking across a zebra crossing

Local Authorities

We engage with local authorities including Dublin City Council to provide tailored accessibility training and have a dedicated testbed to disability proof infrastructure. We promote best practice design and recommend emerging technologies to ensure spaces are safe, usable and enjoyed by all.

The Wayfinding Centre welcomes requests for engagement from industry, the professions and communities. If you wish to develop links with the centre please complete our Transport Accessibility Panel form.